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The Cyber-Physical Systems & Control Laboratory (CPSC Lab) conducts research at the intersection of computation, communication, and control. We investigate the modeling, analysis, and control of cyber-physical systems.

S.M. Lee: Associate Professor with department of Electronic Engineering, Kyungpook National University,

Daegu, Republic of Korea

Research Field: Automatic control theory and applications

Research Interest: Robust control theory, Model Predictive Control, Embedded systems,  Cyber Physical Systems and its industrial applications


Cyber-physical Systems (CPS) are emerging from the integration of embedded computing devices, smart objects, people and physical environments, which are typically tied by a communication infrastructure. These include systems such as Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Smart Factories, Smart Buildings, Smart Homes and Smart Cars.

Paradigm shift

  • Computing (1980 - ): Personal computers

  • Communication (1990 - ): Internet


  • Control (2010 - ): Cyber-physical systems

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